Starting Sentences.

Yesterday after coming home from church, Hubs decided to go take a nap with Joshua. Unfortunately, his engine conked out before Joshua did.

Joshua had wanted Hubs to read him a book, and this was what Joshua said: “Papa! Book. Read. Kew!”

When Hubs laid there motionlessly, Joshua climbed onto the bed and shoved the boardbook into Hub’s hand.

“Papa!! Nah. Read! Book. Kewww!!”

Still no response. I was giggling away insanely.

“Nah. Papaaa!! Nah! Kew!! Read! Book!! Read!!! Kewww! Kewwww!!!”

And finally Hubs said: “Ok ok.”

Joshua broke into a grin and reply: “Ok. Kew! Read!!!”

I really like how he says “thank you” (aka “kew”) before we give him what he wants. Polite, and very persistent indeed. :mrgreen:


One thought on “Starting Sentences.

  1. Smart move! He lower the chance of you guys rejecting his request by saying “kew” first. 😉

    shell says: Ya lor ya lor! But actually he learnt that from me…
    Whenever i ask him to do something for me, I always say thank you first. 😆

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