Hot hot!

Joshua saw video footage of a fire during the evening news today, and he immediately held his hand to the TV and said: “Hot hot!”

I have no idea where he got the idea that fire was hot, because he has had no exposure to open flames.

He’s really learning a lot of stuff off the TV, which makes me uber glad that I only let him watch Playhouse Disney. Who knows what kind of nonsense he could learn from watching rubbish?!


3 thoughts on “Hot hot!

  1. I think most of the programs on playhouse disney are nice. What’s Joshua’s favourite program?

    shell says: See his mood one lah. Depends on the episodes as well. Some eps of Little Einsteins he will watch from beginning to end. Otherwise he will only watch the “pat pat pat pat, raise your arms!” part.
    But so far he seems to prefer Barney, Little Einsteins, Pocoyo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Especially when there’s counting! He’s into numbers these days.
    His least favourite is Animal Mechanicals. I don’t like it either. No songs, no counting, characters not appealing either. Except the Unicorn look pretty only. :mrgreen:

  2. my friend’s 2 years old daughter learnt the words from cartoon network and south park (!) – fuck (and she pronounced it very chun ok!), screw (pronounce as scu), dang (pronounce as dan)….


    shell says: OMFG. Ask your friend to switch channels lah. In any case, they screen south park on telly meh??

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