He’s smarter than I thought.

Joshua loves soups. And just like his Mommy dearest, Joshua loves his soups hot, which is why I never let him self-feed soups.

Just now for lunch, he had cream of pumpkin with saltine biscuits on the side. He learnt how to dip biscuits into the soup, and he really enjoys doing it.

When the soup became a sad little orange puddle at the bottom of the bowl, he demanded to take over the spoon. Seeing how the soup wasn’t really hot anymore, I surrender the spoon over.

He dipped the spoon into the soup, picked it up, and dipped his biscuit on the spoon instead. This way, his hands won’t get dirtied by the sides of the bowl.

So smart.

I guess I sometimes forget that he’s already 2 and smarter than I think he is.

Here’s him enjoying Alfredo pasta some time ago. Raving with his thumbs up, and licking the sauce off his face:

Oh Yummy Alfredo! Oh Yummy Alfredo!


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