My breastpump is Joshua’s prized treasure.

Each morning when we wake, Joshua would promptly ask me to “Go. Outside.” and then point to the breastpump and say “Mama! Pump! Milk!” But of course, that’s where his next bottle is going to come from, thus the enthusiasm.

Each time I setup the pump ready for the next session, he hops around excitedly in anticipation. When I need to put the pump beside me on the couch, he promptly clears his toys off it so his precious pump gets a whole space to itself. He’ll then stare at the bottle filling up, and constantly chant: “Milk? Milk. Drink. Milk? More!!”

And today – while he was attempting to lie on our new 2-seater couch to drink his pre-naptime bottle – he had to squeeze himself into half a seat because the pump was there and he didn’t want to accidentally damage it.

As what I’ve been telling him since we got the new breastpump: “If you spoil the pump, I can’t pump anymore breastmilk for you, so please be careful and don’t play with it.”

I guess my nagging does work to a certain extent. :mrgreen:


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