Let the rivers of milk gush forth!

Hubs used his lunch hour to head to Thomson ParentCraft to purchase the Medela Pump In Style Advanced (aka “PISA”) and delivered it back home for me. Along with a piping hot lunch from Delifrance. Which eventually turned cold before I had a chance to eat it because Joshua was extra fussy because of his “teeth. pain.” (sprouting molars) and his “hair. hot hot” (fever). But ok, that’s not the point.

The point is, it only took me 10 minutes to obtain 110+95ml of breastmilk using this new machine! W00t!

And now you know why this blardy piece of metal, plastic and rubber costs $678.60. And this price is already much cheaper than the regular RRP of $754 in most places.

Imagine, MORE THAN HALF A THOUSAND FRIKKIN DOLLARS! It better frikkin’ work, man.

And the sad part about all of this? Now we’ve officially spent over $1000 on breastpumps alone. $365 + $678.60 =$1043.60. (Just in case you’re not that good in Math and a calculator is not within reach.)

Yes, breastfeeding is supposed to be virtually free – notice that I mention “virtually” – but no one said breastpumping was free.

I rue the day I gave Joshua that bottle of expressed breastmilk.


One thought on “Let the rivers of milk gush forth!

  1. PISA is great and the machine lasts. mine still works after 3yrs, feeding 3 kids 🙂 Expressing breast milk is not cheap at all, but serves the same purpose of giving the kid the goodness of mummy’s milk.

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