Not until you go and pump.

It’s almost a nightly ritual that Joshua would ask for “pat pat” on his chest just before bedtime. And despite doing it for him right after the whole shebang of his bedtime routine – 2 books (at least), putting on diaper, face cream, lip balm, prayer, pat pat while singing lullabies – he would often still come out and ask for some more “pat pat”.

So once again tonight, I had to go into his room upon his pleas and pat him just for that extra one more minute.

In a bid to shorten my back-aching misery as the official “pat pat” sponsor, I told the boy: “I’m only going to pat you for a while, because I’m tired and I want to go to bed early.”

His retort had me tied between laughing and feeling belittled.

“Pump! Go go! Pump!” And he still mimicked the squeezing of his “boobies” to get his point across. 😕

I have now been commanded to pump before I am allowed to go to bed. Don’t see this boy gei siao gei siao, sometimes I secretly think he’s the one who wears the pants in the family.



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