My boys are angels.

I thought the two of them were settled in watching Playhouse Disney – J sucking on a mini Chupa Chup, while K sucked on his own fist (how yummy!) – so I decided to cavort with the breastpump.

The moment my letdown reflex kicked in and the milk started gushing into the funnel, K started wailing. J continued watching his cartoons, seemingly undisturbed by the noise. I couldn’t walked around while my boobs were attached to the pump, so I had to request a favour from J to rock the rocker (oh redundant redundancy) to pacify the little bub.

So there he was… leaning back against the couch with his eyes still affixed to the telly, his left hand still feeding himself that Chupa Chup, half bent over so he could rock the baby with his right hand. My son is a multi-tasker!! And he did it without a single complaint. The little one also responded well to his korkor’s rocking, and kept quiet so I could finish up.

A minute into it, K started fussing again. Somewhat exasperated with the rocking, J went into my room and retrieved didi’s beansprout pillow. He plonked it onto K’s lap, and said “Nah!” then he went back to watching his cartoons. But not without stroking the baby’s cheek first.

Oh boy, I’m a mighty proud mommy.

I would have video-ed it down if not for the fact that I had my hands full of plastic parts that were helping me suck the milk out of my boobies.

The moment my milk stopped, I picked up the small one and headed off to change his diaper. As expected, he pooped. He always kicks up a ruckus after he poops.

Halfway through the diaper-changing, J stumbled into the room looking kinda drunk. He plopped onto his own bed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep immediately! But I had to disturb him just for a few more seconds while my hands were busy with the baby.

“Joshua? Where’s your lollipop stick? Did you throw it away?”

He forced his eyes open and nodded at me. Then promptly went back to sleep again.

K got mighty happy after his change, so he started gurgling and cooing pretty loudly. I told him: “Shhh… korkor’s sleeping.” So he turned his own volume down two notches.

As I walked past the dustbin on my way out of their room – and saw the empty lollipop stick in the bin – I couldn’t help but beam with maternal pride.

What on earth have I ever done to deserve these two boys who are so loving and sweet?

Thank you, God. 🙂






2 thoughts on “My boys are angels.

  1. awww… thats all too sweet

    u know, when the boys are older, and if they do get a chance to read all these (probably when they are in the crazy rebellious teenage phase) i bet they will go awwww as well. and they’ll know how much their mum loves them, and maybe revert back to angel mode 🙂

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