The Day The TV Died.

In the wee hours of the morning while I was pumping, the TV (a 6 year-old JVC CRT, might I add) went POP! SNAP! CRACKLE! and seem to have died.

The day was almost unbearable with J bugging me (cos he wanted to watch Playhouse Disney) and K screaming periodically (because he had nothing to stare at).


Mom-in-law was kind (and anxious) enough to lug the spare TV (21″ CRT, very old, comes with broken remote control) down from the shophouse. Unfortunately, the sound went poof within an hour of using it. The sound came back after a while with an awfully weird crackling tone to it. Then it started to periodically go silent throughout the night.

Double great. *both thumbs up, eyes rolling, and utterly miffed*

Hubs and I actually read subtitles for almost an hour. The last 30 mins of the Hong Kong drama serial on Channel U, followed by “Lemur Street” on Animal Planet. We didn’t have much choice. It’s either to watch something that had subtitles, or don’t watch TV.

Tomorrow the repairman will be coming in, and we’ll see if our 32″ is fixable. If not, we will have to find a way to squeeze $600 out from our arseholes to pay for a new 32″ telly. This time, flat screen would be good.

As for MIL’s 21″… will probably have to get the guy to take a look at it as well. But in my opinion, all CRTs should be replaced with flat screens. Who the hell under 35 still uses CRTs?! My dad’s got a more stylo TV than me lor. Sibei sia suay.

I should be happy that the telly kicked the bucket, since I’ve been wanting a flat screen to mount on the wall and save me some floor space for the longest time. But, what the hell, not now lah! My bloody milky Medela PISA pump costs more than the average 32″ LCD TV lor!!


:: Update @ 11am, 6th November ::

Somehow Hubs finally thought to look for the warranty card, found it, and apparently it is still valid. DUH. He’s called Best Denki to check on repair terms, and the JVC repair guys will come in between 2-5pm later.

Fingers crossed that it’ll be repairable, because there’s really no spare cash to go into a new telly now. Although I won’t deny that I still really want a bloody flat screen.

Meanwhile MIL’s loaned 21″ is still showing silent movies. Very 20’s, except it’s not black and white, and it’s totally silent.

I am going positively mad with the boys bugging me constantly.


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