Overestimation of self.

After much grappling, fondling, grasping, tweaking, I finally concede defeat. I am not any good with customising websites with e-commerce shopping cart systems. Setting it up was relatively easy-peasy, but the customising of the website layout… OMFG KILL ME PLEASE. I swear my eyes started popping out a couple of hours into it.

Although I would have to say I’m definitely less n00b-ish now when it comes to terms like mySQL, PHP, FTP and the various e-commerce softwares like osCommerce, Zen Cart and Cubecart.

Nonetheless, knowing these geekspeak doesn’t solve my problem, and the website doesn’t just set itself up nicely. So… who knows a good web-designer who knows how to fuck around template layouts to work seamlessly with osCommerce? Looking for affordable rates, of course.



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