I’m not dead.

But obviously this space has been somewhat left to rot for the past couple of weeks. I can almost smell the muskiness… 😆

So anyways, some of you would have guessed that I’m embarking on a BIG MISSION of starting my own business. So far things have been going well, which explains why my fingers would rather draft out (yet another) email to the manufacturer, instead of typing idly (?) over here. I have no idea who is still reading – and who isn’t – and those who “miss” my rantings have professed through other channels like MSN, SMS, emails, etc.

So here’s the foreword: Don’t miss me too much cos I’m striking out on my own and I haven’t had much idle time since I’ve started. I see it as something constructive that I’m doing with my quite-the-bummer lifestyle ever since I’ve been married. Not to mention the deviation from the usual humdrum of domestic mamahood.

So far it’s been heaps of fun, playing around with numbers and figures, planning business strategies – which led to a complete overhaul in the initial plans of a web-store into a distributing company for Asia – and lining up A&P campaigns once the nitty-gritty website stuff is out of the way. Meanwhile, the company website still looks like shit.

I’m not going into play-play, this is serious business I’m talking about! So pardon me while I work things out (quite literally), and check out my flickr periodically for photos of the boys. Both of them are thriving on my breastmilk! *round of applause for myself and the trusty breastpump*

I’ll still try to record down the funny anecdotes that Joshua coughs up ever so often. But man, this is hard! He’s so funny everyday that I can’t possibly blog them all!


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