Cloning the Daddy.

And not unlike the oldest “boy” in the house, the two smaller ones have inherited Daddy Dearest’s genes and habits:

  • Prefers sleeping on floor rather than a nice soft bed. (Proof attached.)

Floor sleeper

  • Dry lips and skin, yet have oily eyelids. Eeeugh.


  • Has what the Teochews call “por por” (aka “hug-hug”, aka SMELLY pillow)
  • Like to rub their lips with the pillow corners of said “por por”
  • Thumb-suckers. J was the same, now it’s K.

04-10-07_thumbsucker 14112009
J on the left, K on the right. K is now PROPERLY sucking his thumb, unlike in this pic.

  • Loves to fart (by choice or by nature, I have no clue but I know they all stink)
  • Naturally domesticated (proof attached)

My little grocery shopper

Last by not least,

  • they have the most gorgeous smiles
  • and are, by far, the 3 most understanding and loving guys I’ve ever had. 🙂



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