Life of A Wannabe

As if having lunch between 3-5pm every weekday wasn’t bad enough, the new title of “Businesswoman (Wannabe)” now makes sure that I overcook my lunch every single time. It stopped becoming funny seeing blackened charred food for the 198th time. (Figure estimated, actual statistics unknown.)

It’s a tug-of-war between spending time with the kids, cleaning up the always messy abode and getting my ass on the not-very-comfy office chair to work. I haven’t gone shopping for quite a while now, and the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is kicking in big time. I’m dying to go watch 2012, but I have to sort out my work, the kids, and… oh who the hell am I kidding, do I even have time and opportunity to watch a 157-minute long movie?!

On good days, I go to bed slightly past 2am – just after Keegan’s “long” stretch of sleep that starts between 9-10pm. On bad days, I crawl into bed at daybreak, starry-eyed from staring at the iMac for wayyy too long.

I would have to say none of this would be possible without Hubs’ help. He takes over the kids whenever he cans, settles their morning needs everyday so that I get to sleep in a bit longer, and has taken over laundry duties for everyone but me. (I just have to complain that my new “maid” is selectively doing everyone’s laundry but mine.)

Nonetheless, the job of breastfeeding still falls squarely on my shoulders. But now that it’s become somewhat of a norm to hook my boobies up to the breastpump every few hours, I’ve come to see it as just another part of my daily life. It’s not unbearable, but sometimes you just wish you didn’t have to do it.

I’m expecting things to come to a bearable weight once the initial setting-up of the business is done with. Then it’ll be onward with A&P campaigns! I’ve already got the schedule all planned out, now just have to buck up on my website customisation skills for the company site and the e-commerce store.



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