This warrants a celebratory post!

For the FIRST TIME in my parenting “career”, my kids – yes, both of them! – went to bed before 8pm!

Joshua voluntarily stomped himself off to bed at 6.30pm after having a field day with his 姑姑, and told me to wake him up tomorrow when it’s time to go to church.

Keegan fell asleep during his 7.30pm feed, and didn’t wake up like he usually does once I unlatch him off my boob.


Parents are such simple creatures. If the kids behave and go to bed early, it’s even better than striking 4D lor!

Now… what to do with my extra spare time?? I’m so used to being busy from 6-10pm everyday getting the boys ready for bed that now I don’t know what to do! Play Wii? Onz lah. :mrgreen:



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