One day, I would like to own the following types/brands of cars:

  • Land Rover
  • Jeep – in olive green for that “army appeal”
  • Mini – for days when I’m traveling light :mrgreen:

It’s quite obvious that I’m into SUV types. Fierce, baby, but not showy.

I won’t get showy cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or Lotus even if I was to have unlimited cash flow. Although I won’t mind a Porsche Boxster. Its design somehow just appeals to me aesthetically and I’ve been loving it since I first saw it many many years ago.

Before I continue to dream, I really do need to get my ass down to CDC (Comfort Driving Centre) to register and book my Basic Theory Test first. 😆

Whatever car it may be, it will definitely not be this:

Ugly Toyota bB

IT’S A FUCKING UGLY CAR LAH! Especially that gaudy ambiguous shade of dunno-is-it-pink-or-purple. It’s like trying to retro-fy a hearse! Just throw in plenty of hanging charms, hippie chicks with hairy armpits and dudes smoking bongs.




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