Automated Peeing Machine.

I accidentally fell asleep due to two consecutive no-sleep nights (which I don’t usually do consecutively in order to be functioning optimally for the kids) and woke up to a crying Joshua holding onto his pants.

He went to pee on his own, but couldn’t put on his pants again, so he cried.

So I helped him put them on, and gave him the biscuits he was asking for, and then (oops) I fell asleep again. Next thing I know, it was another hour later and my boy was bottom naked and crying in my room again.

This time, the pants are missing and he can’t find them after he peed. And he had a small wet pee patch – the size of a 50-cent coin – on his t-shirt, which irritates the hell out of him cos he’s a neat freak.

The bathroom REEKED when I went in to search for the missing pants. Not surprising, given that he still doesn’t “go potty” (let alone toilet) and does his “small business” on the bathroom floor instead.

Nonetheless, I am damn proud of my boy! At least he can take off his own pants and go pee on his own at 2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks and 5 days old (according to his birthday ticker). Next to conquer would be to learn how to put on his pants again, and maybe to pee in the correct place.

The pants are still missing.



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