The Case Of The Flying Pillow.

When Joshua suddenly cries very loudly, something is bound to have gone wrong. Tonight, it was because his favourite Pupsik beansprout pillow decided to “commit suicide” by jumping out the window and flying down 10 storeys.

Naturally, if he wasn’t swinging his pillow around so near to the window, it wouldn’t have been able to make its Great Escape and plummet all the way down.

So at approximately 11.15pm just now, we had to run downstairs to rescue the pillow. While in the lift on the way down, the boy asked to pray, so Jesus could make sure he would find the pillow. And sure enough, there it was lying sadly on top of the grille cover of the longkang, probably wondering what the fuck happened and how it ended up here. (That is, provided the pillow isn’t still suffering from the shock of free-falling 10 storeys.

Once we got home, Joshua asked to pray again to thank Jesus for helping him find his pillow. I changed the pillowcase, and thought how this was a good lesson learnt for him not to wave his possessions near the window.

Oops, boy was I wrong.

15 minutes later, another bout of loud crying happened and once again, the pillow had tried to commit suicide. Now, honestly, if this little bugger wasn’t so dead keen on holding his pillow right by the window while he stared at the night sky, the pillow wouldn’t drop out. (And before you turn paranoid, all windows in the house are grilled and locked. But that doesn’t stop small objects from fitting through the grilles and falling out.)

So once again, off we go in search of the poor pillow that had suffered two major fright attacks within 30 minutes. This time, I trailed slowly behind the boy as he ran towards the back of our block to retrieve the (now truly very smelly) pillow. This time, no prayers. I suspect this was not an accident anymore. [Ed: Someone please remind me to keep all my small valuable items away from the boy lest he throws my diamond rings and stuff out the window as well.]

To avoid the tragedy from happening again, I decided to close his windowpanes – leaving just a small gap so that fresh air could come in and not make the room stuffy.

5 minutes later I heard the panes close shut with an audible “piak” sound. Feeling pleased that he’s closing the windows to prevent anything from falling out again, I thought this was the end of the drama for tonight.

Oops, what the fuck, I was wrong again.

Another 5 minutes later – around 12 midnight – another loud bout of crying. This time, this boy sibei kiang (translation: very clever). He threw Keegan’s beansprout pillow overboard!!!@$%@$#!!

This time I refuse to go down again, choosing to call Hubs – who was on the way home – to pick it up on his way back. After all, Keegan couldn’t care less about his pillow, preferring to cuddle up to his hanky instead.

So there, the case of the flying pillow (times two). Looks like I have quite a mischievous boy on my hands!



3 thoughts on “The Case Of The Flying Pillow.

  1. are you sure the pants has not been flung outside the window? 😛

    shell says: Oh yah!! Maybe hor???? OMFG. Oh well, then it’s “goodbye pants” liao.

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