A Triumphant Day For The Tans!

Triumph 1

Mr Keegan Tan has now learnt how to flip himself onto his front! But he hasn’t figured out how to return onto his back. So he was stuck lying on his front – head buried onto his mattress with one arm caught between the cot bars – sobbing sadly to be rescued. It was quite a sight. 😆

I was quite torn between “saving” him, or taking a photo of his plight so that Daddy could take a look at his helpless situation. But I guess I wasn’t evil enough. If there’s ever a next time (which I suspect there will) I will be sure to snap photos!!

Triumph 2

Mr Keegan Tan also requested to sleep in korkor’s room – for reasons unknown – after I cleaned and changed him up for bed.

There he was lying in his cot, refusing to let me pick him up and bring him to my room for bedtime. So I asked him if he wanted to sleep where he was. He gave me his signature big bright smile, so I just kissed him goodnight and left him where he was.

There wasn’t even a squeak from the time I left the room, and within 10 minutes, he was asleep!

He did wake up for his night feed after that, and went back to sleep again in korkor’s room. THIS.IS.FANTASTIC. Now I don’t have to find ways to kick him out of my room!!

But… now there’s the issue of whether he will wake Joshua up if I was to be tardy in picking him up for night feeds. Oh well, we’ll just have to try and see.


2 thoughts on “A Triumphant Day For The Tans!

  1. Lucky you. My seven year old is still sleeping in my room. No hope of him ever going back to his own Thomas Trained To High Heavens Room. Until maybe when he’s ready for his own iphone, Facebook account and all milk teeth have dropped off. Whichever happens earlier. Sigh.

    shell says: You are one funny lady! Unfortunately, Keegan’s frustrated flipping antics have driven us to put him back in our room again, for fear that his loud whining would wake korkor up. So there. It sucks for them not have separate rooms.

    • Thanks, I try to face life with a healthy dose of humour… ah, so welcome back to the same boat. Ya, don’t we all wish we have spare bedrooms… I could use one for my kid’s toys!

      shell says: Yeah! Let’s see… 1 for their entertainment, 1 each for sleep, 1 for my clothes/bags/shoes, 1 for Wii gaming… I think I’d need at least 10 rooms in my next home. 😆

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