Boys’ snapshots!

Ok… so I know I took a while to get round to this, but at least it’s cos I’ve been busy with “legitimate” stuff lor…

DSC_1239 DSC_1253
Happy Baby Keegan!! Shooo kewt!

Here’s Joshua flaunting the haircut that I gave him:

DSC_1256 DSC_1262

He’s quite the “poseur” these days, huh? :mrgreen:

Due to the photo-intensive nature of this post, please

DSC_1267I like how “artsy” this photo turned out.

Joshua’s first nosebleed on 30th November:

DSC_1271Courtesy of the genes from my side. šŸ˜¦

He was quite freaked out by the red stuff he saw on his finger (he was rubbing his nose earlier on thinking it was just mucus) until I showed him the mirror and he saw how much more of the red stuff was all over his face. Thus explains the watery eyes post-crying, and the new phobia of blood. He can say it pretty well now… “Blooood.”

DSC_1269Well, like they say: Like father like son.

Joshua put on Daddy’s boots, and said “WORK!!” šŸ˜†

DSC_1276 DSC_1275
These boots are made for working!


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