All I Want For Christmas…

Forget about DJ Hero, I barely have time to sleep.
Forget about all the glitzy jewellery, cos I won’t have a chance to wear them anyway.
Clothes and shoes?! As if I even get time to go out.

All I want this Christmas are:

  • To watch “AvatarandNew Moon” in the theatres – that’s a combined 5 hours that’s almost impossible to get. (Screw you if you suggest for me to wait for the DVD releases.)
  • One big alcohol-infused bash to year 2010 (in desperate hope for a better future) complete with rocking bopping super hawt house music
  • A new tattoo (but I don’t have $500 to spare)
  • BlackBerry Bold – because for some fucked up reason, this Nokia is screwing up on me (like most Nokias do).
  • To get my legs waxed. My legs look like a man’s. 😦
  • A good meal of roast beef and potatoes – just to feel that wee bit Christmassy.

Looking around the flat, it looks dismally unhomely and lacking in festive spirit. Pathetic lack of space aside – and now the goods for the business is making it worse – something’s just not right with this place and I swear it’s not in my head. Goddamn I hate this place. (Yes I know it’s the umpteenth time I’ve blogged/complained about it.)

I wonder when I will be able to celebrate Christmas in a place that actually feels like home. And hopefully that new place will have space to accommodate a Christmas tree and enough room to vigorously play Wii.

Obviously, I’m not feeling very merry for Christmas. 😦

P.S. For the 6th year in a row, I am not going to have any of the commercialised, very yummy and expensive-for-no-reason X’mas dinners. (Yes, I’m petty and I actually do keep track of unfulfilled promises.)


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