When losing weight is NOT a good thing…

I was never the skinny type (even less so after the expulsion of two children) so any weight loss should be good news to me.
But it isn’t.

I mean, fine, who the fuck am I kidding, right? Every girl would love to lose a couple inches somewhere, even the anorexic ones. So of course I am somewhat gleeful about it.

But when virtually none of my clothes fit proper, despite me having an extensive collection of them, it starts to really really irk me. And without much spare cash to go around, solving this is not as simple as just walking into a store and buying new clothes. (What a waste of a great excuse to go shopping.)  😦

Fortunately for me, I hoarded away some of the clothes from my pre-Joshua era. These are the all-time favourites – some going way back to my secondary school days! – and despite not being able to wear them after having Joshua, I still kept them away waiting for the day when I was slim again. And ho ho ho, that day is NOW.

We’re talking about US size 10 stuff here (aka UK 12 / EUR 40) which I haven’t been able to fit into for almost 3 years now. But lo and behold, I took them out from storage today, and they all fit perfect!

Which also meant all my pre-Keegan clothes are way too large for me, including my entire collection of nursing wear!!! 😦 Straps slip off shoulders, midsection starts to look like it’s maternity wear, etc etc etc. OMFG. NOT A GOOD PROBLEM LEH!!

Most of my pre-Keegan clothes are US size 12, with some size 14 pieces that I bought really cheaply online as “backup pieces” in case I grew too fat post-pregnancy. But shiiiiiiit, like how Hubs says it, there’s no fucking way I would have know I would shrink at such a quick pace lor!!

DAMN!! I gave, threw and sold away SO MUCH of my smaller sized clothes lor!! And now I have so much stuff that I can’t wear!!!!!!! *screams in fashion agony*

Ok, those of you who are reading this and have accepted my donations of my smaller size clothings, now’s a good time to throw back the stuff to me if you’re not wearing them. Thanks a lot!

To oldlee: Damn, I should have listened to you and kept all the clothes, but I really didn’t think I would lose weight so quickly!!


2 thoughts on “When losing weight is NOT a good thing…

  1. So you want the tees back from me? Let me gather them from the poles!

    shell says: Don’t need the tees back cos I can’t breastfeed in them anyway. OH fuck. I just need to buy lottery and strike big big lah. FML.

  2. eh, I gotch some clothes that I don’t wear anymore. you want?? Come by one day la… I make dinner and you pick out. Actually I donated some of them liao, but still got a few left.

    shell says: Waitin for the invite to your home lor!! :mrgreen:

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