Sometimes it’s really not my fault.

And it’s not his fault that he’s sick? Balls, man. When you see your own partner sitting there playing some stupid game until 4 fucking am, despite proclaiming earlier that he’s not feeling very well, YOU TELL ME IF YOU DULAN OR NOT, OK?!

And because of his excessive enjoyment from playing game, fever broke out the next morning (actually only 3 hrs later since he stayed up to game) thus impeding my work progress, and forfeiting all the family plans we had made for the long weekend.

Six days that he doesn’t need to work. So far four days have passed, and we have achieved NOTHING as a family. On a relationship level, I think everyone should be glad that I haven’t attempted to murder his sorry ass yet. And on a personal level, I have achieved nothing either.

My two shopping trips for smaller sized clothes were epic failures, thanks to a pathetic budget and sick family members. (Having to clamour with others for a common size S really doesn’t help either.)
My work is halted ā€“ which means no extra income ā€“ thanks to a sick photographer. And there no progress can be made without product images.
I can’t even play Wii because we only have ONE pathetic 32″ CRT television in the living room, and it’s not advisable to play when the children are awake. (Last I knew, it is now common to own a minimum 40″ flat screen TV, and a smaller 32″ flat TV in the masterbed room. But hey, not applicable cos we don’t even have a master bedroom, yah?)

I have basically been sitting around fucking bored for the last four days. Which is even fucking worse than a regular weekday. Cos now I have one more adult sitting around at home, taking up the already pathetic amount of space this place has. But hey, I’m sure he’s having a field time playing his stupid game for hours on end.

It’s not that I want to be whiny and idle, it’s just really not my fault this time. Holidays?! SIMI LANJIAO FUCKING HOLIDAYS LAH. It’s even worse than the typical regular weekday. I can’t wait for him to go back to work and get out of my face. At least I don’t have to see him playing stupid game or sleeping on the couch each time I walk past him.

Two long “festive” weekends, and my life has never been worse. My blood is fucking boiling and I have this great urge to create damage. For the last 3 weeks, I really fucking hate my life.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s really not my fault.

  1. Heyo.. I not that good too.. I am stuckin office the entire week from Wed till now… yes 01 Jan 2010 i was in office since 0930am till now.. countdown was non-existent as i was in yst from 0945am till 0030hrs of 01 Jan 2010…

    here’s wishing you have a better 2010.. sincerely lah

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