Keegan’s milestones


Keegan has been sleeping with korkor for the past 3 weeks, which means I’ve gotten him out of my room for good!! Yippee!!

The Boys.

Both of them get along fairly well at bedtime, without causing any disturbance to each other. The only problem that occurs is that Joshua sometimes has itchy hands and turns on the cot mobile, which irritates Keegan if he is already asleep. And Keegan likes to screech for Joshua to wake up in the morning if he gets up first. Otherwise, all is good in the boys’ room. 🙂



Keegan has also learnt the art of “popiah-ing” himself up and down the length of the mattress we set on the living room floor. We can put him down on one end, turn our backs, and within 5 minutes, he would be on the other end. It’s all quite elusive, actually, which is why we haven’t managed to capture a video of his fantastic “popiah” skills.


All in all, that puts him about a whole month quicker than Joshua in terms of becoming a Flip Master Pro.


While I don’t advocate babies starting on foods early, Keegan has shown signs of being ready (much to my dismay). So he started having baby teething biscuits a week ago.

The boys.

And he had his first taste of applesauce on Sunday.

Keegan's first meal!

Keegan's first meal! Keegan's first meal!

You can probably tell the applesauce was a tad sour and tart, as evident from his involuntary eye twitching and squinting. :mrgreen:


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