How to tell if your toddler is Playhouse Disney’s biggest fan.

For a kid who doesn’t (and can’t seem to) say much, Joshua certainly got the various Playhouse Disney cartoons memorised.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse = House!
Handy Manny = Manny!
Higglytown Heroes = Heroes!
My Friends Tigger & Pooh = Friends!
Special Agent OSO = Lemur! (I do not know why he insists that the character is a lemur.)
Chuggington = Train!
Chloe’s Closet = Sing star! (Cos she sings a variation of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”)

Unfortunately, he hasn’t got a nickname for Little Einsteins. Yet. I guess the word “Einstein” is still a bit of a mouthful. :mrgreen:

(If you’re curious how or why he knows about lemurs, it’s cos he watches Lemur Street on Animal Planet.)


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