To Move or Not To Move…

It’s 2010, a “nice number” of sorts, and I’ve been seeking a new beginning to… well, begin anew.

While it’s not currently possible to move house (as much as I wish I could) or to do much else, I figured it wouldn’t be too much if I was to shift to my own blog domain. My birthday’s next month (yippee to aging another year) and I figured it would be a good present for myself, besides renewing my flickr pro account again.

It’s a good way to weed out “link exchange” spams from stupid spam sites and blog stalkers, since I have no intention to auto-direct traffic from here to my new domain. I won’t be shifting my archives over to the new blog either, so there’s no way stalkers can sneakily google for me – even if they were idle and inclined enough to do so.

All family members would take on new nicknames, and while people could still be free to stalk my twitter, there wouldn’t be much content there save for some snippets.

My email address would still be there for long-time readers to contact me for the new URL, but to those who enjoy lurking silently and then using my life as a tea-time topic… good luck to them for finding someone new to bitch about.

So… the question begs to be answered: To move or not to move?

I’m guess I’m quite set on moving, it’s just a matter of when, and if the new blog should share the current hosting plan for my business site.

(Ok, I know this post is somewhat redundant since I’m already set on moving. Oh, what’s new with Shelly? :mrgreen: )


3 thoughts on “To Move or Not To Move…

  1. aww. i’m a lurker too, and I’ve been reading your writings even before Joshua was born. will be sad when you move. =/ Perhaps, if its not too much to ask, you could give me your new url if you were to really move? I would really miss your writings.

    shell says: I remember your email address from long long ago!! I’ll make a public announcement when I do move, then interested peeps can email me for the new addy. 🙂

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