Public Pee

Before I forget:

Josh attempted his first pee in a public loo – because he didn’t pee before going out – at the MacDonald’s near our place on 13 January 2010.

Hubs said it wasn’t without a fair amount of screaming the moment the loo door was closed and locked. But at least he peed after he calmed down slightly. YAY! But he is still a tad short to use an adult-sized toilet, so Hubs will be bringing him to a kid-sized toilet when we hit town, just to “test water”.

Next, to conquer the “big business” at home…


One thought on “Public Pee

  1. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks very much for your interesting blog. It’s always nice to see how people on the other side of the globe live, how they share the same joys and sorrows, what they do in their free time, etc.

    I actually have a question about your blog. Would you mind helping us with a linguistic research project? We’re compiling data from various Singaporean weblogs. All it requires is checking a few boxes. If you want to take part and/or have more questions, drop me a note ( RE: Question ) so that I can then send you the ‘official’ project eMail. We’d really appreciate your help.

    Thanks very much in advance!
    Best regards,
    – Fran

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