Driving me up the wall!

It was never my intention for two small children to share a bedroom. NEVER.

Because at just 31 months old, Joshua hasn’t got a full grasp on being quiet and how not to disturb the baby while he is sleeping. So him, being the avid pillow lover he is, stole Keegan’s pillow whilst it was being used, causing the baby to wake up and scream. Then leading to a ear piercing screamfest that lasted over 30 minutes. Simply because he was so tired, he didn’t know how to quietly go back to sleep anymore.

Josh was barely able to withstand the screaming. But like what my mother would say, “Orh bi good!” You wake the baby, you live with the screaming. Downside was, we all had to tahan the same screaming.

I swear there was a split second where my sanity was going to crack.

So like I was saying, there’s no part of room-sharing that actually sounds like a good idea. Especially when they’re both this small. And Keegan is a lone ranger when it comes to sleeping. No noise, no lights, no disturbance please.

Then when they get bigger, the concern of room-sharing would be that they would stay up late and play all night instead of sleeping.

OhDearLordPleaseGiveMeANewHomeWithEnoughRoomsAndSpaceToGoAround. 😦


One thought on “Driving me up the wall!

  1. Turn off the lights and they won’t play toys but like my girls, they might end up talking, rolling, giggling and whatever ON THE BED till wee hours of early morning.

    But to me, as long as they’re in their room, on their bed. They can talk/chat/giggle till they fall asleep as long they don’t get out.

    And I’m thinking that years down the road, they’ll look back and remember their midnight chats and story sharing as a nice part of their sisterhood childhood sharing a bed in their own room.

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