Why Pronunciation is Important.

A follow-up to the previous “car-pai-dur” episode, today Joshua nearly made me fall off the couch when we were watching “My Friends: Tigger & Pooh” together while eating cereal.

First, he mimicked the puppy’s barking “Woa woa! Woa woa!” Then he raised his eyebrows – puzzled by his own thoughts – and said: “Work work? Puppy go work????”

And as he always does, he giggled at himself.

Then it was time to solve the mystery, so Darby said “Time to slap (on) my cap!” Joshua, like a parrot on a mission, repeated: “Time slap cat! Slap cat!! MEOW!!”

I had to tell him to repeat “cat” after me, emphasising on the “t” and then “cap” emphasising on the “p”. Then in an almost worldly-wise manner, he said: “Oh… Yay! More cereal??”


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