My 27th was a BLAST!

Due to pregnancy amnesia that is somehow still in my system, I am going to blog down the entire festivities of my turning 27 years young. Bear with me if you get bored halfway through. :mrgreen:

It started with dinner and drinks on Saturday evening (20th February) at Café Iguana. What was supposed to be just me and MsVindicta, ended up as a party of 8. (Still not a large party, but I greatly appreciate everyone’s presence!) Cow, 1121, James, Jay, seekee, Yunz, with barffie popping by just to pass me my present. (Awwwwwww.) Margaritas by the jug, and no actual dinner was consumed. Hahaha. Although the girls kept whacking the chips that were served on the house. (Speaking of which, I am now officially a fan of frozen strawberry and blueberry margaritas.)

Hubs popped by around 1am, with my present!! CREATIVE VADO HD 3rd Gen!! Woooooooooohoooooooooo! Now I can film the kids in HD!!

Then when Café Iguana closed shop for the day, MsV and I headed off to Rebel! (Hubs went back home to the boys. Also cos he doesn’t dance anyway.)

Damn, they didn’t even bother to change the interior that was once the R&B area of M.O.S. And the crowd was so young, it made me feel like an auntie! Most of the night was spent trying to dance (cos the stupid DJ kept mixing the tracks) and bitching about ugly guys who kept trying to grind themselves against the bodacious MsV. The only 2 cute guys we spotted… one of them was quite obviously (and openly) gay – grinding lovingly against another fairly cute guy.

I hate to admit it, but I still like looking out for eye candy hor!!

We left when the clubs closed at 5am, and were left stranded with no taxis and super huge crowded waiting for aforementioned lack of cabs. Pfffffft. Our pretty feet (in 4″ heels all night) hurt like #$^@$#! so I called Hubs and he came to pick us up. Hurhur. Men are so useful when they love you.

I had a Mac Breakfast Deluxe, loving dabao-ed by Hubs. But Mac forgot to give him my hashbrown. 😦

Then it was off to bed!I groggily recall Hubs bringing Keegan to me twice so I could feed the baby. But the whole nursing-in-bed thing is like second nature, so I literally do it with my eyes closed. 😆

Until Hubs woke me up around noon, saying that Uncle Henrie was here to say goodbye before flying back to Hong Kong. Of course I got up lah. Or at least, I tried. :mrgreen: Next thing I knew, Uncle Henrie, Joshua, Keegan, were all on the bed with me. And Hubs came into the room with a chocolate cake that had a candle on it! Everyone was singing Happy Birthday – Josh tried to sing – and I blew out the candle thinking how I wanna be happy like this everyday!

Then I knocked out and went back to sleep. Hahahaha. Hopeless.

(Until now we haven’t cut the cake nor eaten it yet. And it’s from Rive Gauche hor!! Hubs actually remembered!! Must buy 4D tomorrow.)

Dinner was steamboat at Parkway Parade with just Joshua and Hubs. They ran out of beef. 😦 But Josh was really happy with the rice and fishballs. He ate TEN fishballs on his own!

After that we did some mandatory diaper/grocery shopping at Giant, then sat down to rest at McCafe where I had my favourite Mochaccino. He tried a taste of daddy’s Long Black, thinking it was Milo and gave a super yucks face. After that we asked him if he wanted more coffee, he said “BU YAO! DON’T WANT!” He had all of the “milk foam” off my coffee though. 😕

So there sums up my 27th birthday celebration. I actually had an actual celebration this year! With friends!! Oh, so happy. *happy hops skips around like the childish bugger I am*

Big huge thanks to everyone for their presents and well-wishes – facebook, plurk, sms or otherwise. Makes me happy to see my facebook homepage flooded with happy birthday wishes leh! 😆 I know, I’m such a kid.

Later I take peekture of my birthday cake ok? :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “My 27th was a BLAST!

  1. Hello! Happy belated shelly. =)

    I’m glad you enjoyed ur birthday this yr.

    I got together with my frens for my birthday this yr and i’m also happy!

    shell says: Thanks! 😀

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