I love his imagination.

He slipped his foot into one empty tissue box, and said “Sandals!
So I gave him one more box to make a pair.

New "sandals", he said.

Then he walked off, saying: “Bye! Go work!!”
Next thing he was walking past me again, saying “Take train!” with a grin.
So I passed him an old membership card thingy, and told him he could use it as his farecard.
I watched him walking towards the fridge, slotting the card between the doors, pretending to press some buttons on the fridge… Must be topping up his farecard value.
Then he walked back to me again, “scanned” the card on the table with a loud “BEEP!” and passed the card back to me (as he always does) and said “Nah, keep.”

That little brain of his is filled with such imagination and creativity, it never fails to crack me up. 🙂


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