A picture says a thousand words.

While in some ways I should be apologetic that I no longer update this space as often as I used to, there is a part of me that says there’s nothing wrong with not having the time nor reason to blog as much. But sorry anyway to those who check in everyday for updates. (I kinda know who you all are. Now go freak out!)

There are (once again) other methods to feed your inner voyeur if you just have to find out what I’m up to:

The Flickr thingy on the sidebar only shows 6 photos, so here’s a LOUD HOLLER for you to go over to my Flickr right now for 40++ new photos. And don’t say I don’t share photos. I box you arh!!

Here are my faves from the latest uploaded lot (if you’re too lazy to go to Flickr to see everything):

2 teeth!

He stole my cap.

See fish.

Daddy took him to the playground.

My mommy let me cry.

They held hands.

And my ultra ULTRA super DUPER fave…

My favourite shot.

Like really, if ANYONE tells me they’re not gorgeous sunshine boys, I’ll box you silly. REALLY.


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