Why the lack in blogging?

Acquiring the new status as “mother of two” had seem quite enticing – two kids to blog about, and double the joy (as well as frustration and lack of time). Yet truth be told, it really doesn’t leave much chance for one to have the peace and energy to write. Every few minutes, someone is asking for something, on top of whatever that has to be done nonetheless.

And while it may seem as if I’m always playing Restaurant City, that doesn’t actually require much effort at all. Turn it on, feed the staff, save and quit. Rinse, repeat. What I really do like about this silly pointless game though, is how I get a chance to decorate (and redecorate) my restaurant’s interior and exterior. And I could never say no to a chance at interior designing, reality or otherwise. (This is also part of the reason why I would love a bigger home, but that’s besides the point.)

Somehow, having experienced every single one of Joshua’s milestones firsthand leaves me in lack of awe for Keegan’s milestones. Flipping? I’ve seen that one before. Crawling? Yup, been there too. Teething? Eating? Able to hold MagMag bottle and drink from spout on his own? Yup, yes and definitely.*stifles yawn*

For the sake of supporting individualism, I should probably regurgitate the statements that “no two children are the same” and that “each learning journey is different”, but I’ll cut the bullshit and just tell you straight that there isn’t anything particularly fascinating about watching the same stuff twice. Even the most entertaining movie gets a little drab the second time you watch it; knowing what to expect next doesn’t exactly make the epitome of excitement.

Photos and videos, on the other hand, are slightly more interesting. Provided I get a chance to take them.

So there, the boring story of my domesticated mummified life.


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