If anything, censor your own homophobic opinions.

In reference to this blog post at WashingtonPost.com, the first thought that came into mind when I read through it was: WTF?! Pardon my simple (and mildly vulgar) outburst but, seriously, what era are some of these respondents living in? All due respect to the 65-year-old lady who decided to shut out the unacceptable by canceling her newspaper subscription, after all, she really is from a different generation where homosexuality was an extremely taboo subject. But that’s ignoring the various historical evidence that backs up the theory that men have had gay practices since ancient Greece.

The comment that riled me up the most was from Lee Miller; who wrote in saying:

“I would appreciate it if your cover pictures would not be so disturbing where my kids can see it easily on the kitchen table… please don’t shove this “Gay” business in our face. This is something that should have shown up on an inside page or two (without the picture).”

Once again, for the lack of a better description of how I felt: “Seriously, WTF!!??

This “gay business” will be in your kids’ faces, whether you like it or not. While I’m not advocating the “if you can’t beat them, join them” policy, it’s not something any parent can – or should – shut out from their children. For one moment, appeal to your logic and think about this: Would it be easier explaining homosexuality to your child through a photo in the newspapers – a reliable source of information, may I add – or through an “in your face” live specimen of two men engaging in romantic affection?

Seriously, homophobic people, where are your brains?!

I’m not saying this just because we have gay people in our lives. Neither is it because I just want to go against “the norm” and get attention by being “gay-loving”. This is simply how I feel as a person who has fostered relationships with homosexual friends and relatives. This is what I feel is the most appropriate way for a parent react and behave.

I want to raise loving, accepting children – regardless of what their own sexual preferences may be in the future. And since they won’t be discovering that anytime soon, there’s really no harm teaching them to love all despite whatever differences everyone may have.

While some detractors may (and have done so on certain occasions) insist that I would flip if my boys were to turn out gay, I seriously seriously have no issues towards that. Better an upright gay person earning an honest day’s keep than a morally dubious person who has no clue what to do with their own lives, don’t you think?

I think the correct response to all homophobes in denial of the current worldwide gay phenomenon should not be for them to “lighten up”; it should be: “Appeal to your logic and wisen up.” Being sexually and romantically attracted to your own gender is not something any amount of societal disagreement will be able to dispel, so instead of trying so hard to reject it; accept it graciously, teach your children to be liberal about it and be ready to embrace the new world order.

And for those who insist on being obnoxious about the whole phenomenon, here’s a cheery upbeat song dedicated to you (which unfortunately also chides you for your narrow-mindedness):

Lily Allen – Fuck You (Very Much) [lyrics here]

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