Breaking the Monotony

You’d know you’re revolving around in a monotonous predictable routine when taking a much required nap at 9pm sends a tiny tingle down your spine. There’s just somehow inexplicably fun about being out of the daily routine – bailing out of the pre-bedtime shower activity with Joshua – and doing something else that’s seemingly absurd. After all, who the hell takes a nap at 9pm?! But the post-dinner ZZZs were claiming me, and with Hubs’ beckoning, why not?

I woke up on my own just before midnight, in time to feed the baby. He hasn’t required midnight feeding for months now, but it’s just easier to empty the boobies through feeding than to use the pump. :mrgreen: Call me lazy, but at least it gives him nutrients and I don’t have to get pissy about the freezer running out of storage space.

As I sat on the toilet emptying my bladder after a good sleep, Joshua popped his head out of his room and said hi. He told me Daddy gave him a shower and he’s got some clean clothes on. His face was clean, bright and cheery. (A bit of a dismal scene considering it’s 2 hours past bedtime.) He kissed me, said night night and skipped off to bed. 10 minutes later he was fast asleep.

It’s nice knowing that Hubs would be able to keep the children spick-and-span if I was ever gone. 😆

Now… what other little somethings can I do to break this dreadful monotony? Movie on a weekday without the kids, maybe? (Yeah right.)


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