And he found me.

It’s interesting to note what has to happen in order for me to feel the urge to “write” here again: the most unexpected and unusual possibility of my former teacher adding me on Facebook.

To sound like a total stalker, I had just been googling his name a few weeks back in a bid to find some way to contact him. Obviously my attempts were futile, and that was that. But a few hours ago, whose name was to pop up in my friend requests but his! The Lord truly works in wondrous ways. Haha.

It’s more than being flattered when your ex-teacher remembers you and somehow adds you in Facebook. I am currently in the process of finding out if he has consciously searched for me, or did I somehow just pop up somewhere in the social network for him to add me. Now, that would be fun to find out…

Yet amidst the elation of making contact with this person whom I have held in the highest respect for the longest time, comes a strange sense of loss and… could it be, sadness?

It only makes me feel I have lost out on that much of my youth when being adult for that much longer than  I have, his child is younger than my firstborn. That aside, there’s just this sense of unhappiness that reaches me through reading his words to me. Like how someone could be in the best place in his life – the best job and wonderful people around you – yet feel that a big piece of joy is missing from it.

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive, but something about him doesn’t feel quite right.


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