Noticing the difference.

This was too funny not to note down, so here goes:

After showering Josh in the afternoon today, I was helping him put on his pull-up pants in prep for nap-time. Somehow he starting talking about his penis. (I can’t remember why he started, but he talks about his penis way too often anyway.)

Then in his monologue, he went on to talk about his daddy’s penis… “Daddy penis big big, hair hair, you know? Big penis hair hair. Shua-shua no hair.”

I thought I would die laughing on the spot.


Shortly after, when we were going to do pre-naptime reading, he was climbing onto the bed when he suddenly froze. He un-climbed the bed and stood there clenching his crotch in his hand.

“Oh! *gasp* Pee pee come out!”

I thought he was just fooling around, so I told him to hurry up and come read, so I can go feed Keegan. But he did it again when he tried to climb onto the bed.

“Oh! Pee pee come out! REALLY!”

I wasn’t able to verify if his pee-pee really came out, but regardless, this boy is certainly paying a lot of attention to his willy (and his dad’s, for that matter).


2 thoughts on “Noticing the difference.

  1. Too funny! LOL! Kiddos say the darnest things.

    Kai and I used to shower together until 1 particular day, something similar happened and I decided That’s it.


    shell says: As the only person in the household who has a vagina, I think it is my civic duty to illustrate the physical differences in male and female anatomy.
    Yeah, right. 😆

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