Hot, and hurt.

We went out for Mac breakfast today. It was a sunny morning, so I made Josh wear his newsboy cap to protect his eyes. I pinned my hair up with a plastic hair clip (quite auntie, I’d admit).

The boy remarked: “Hey, cool! So cool.”

Possibly because I could pull my hair back without a rubber band, something he is very familiar with – having to fetch it for me every morning without fail ever since my hair grew long enough.

So I asked him: “Is Daddy cool?”
Josh: “Yah. Daddy cool!”
Daddy: “Cool? Limpeh sibei hot lor.”
Josh: “Hot? Very hot? Come, see got fever?”
*proceeds to feel daddy’s forehead with his hand*
Josh: “Yah. Hot hot. Got fever. Fall sick? See doctor?”


My monthly flow is here again. And Josh caught me changing tampons.

“Oh! Mommy vagina hurt? Got blood! Oh, poor thing. So poor thing. 来, lie down. Rest. Got pain pain? See doctor?”

Like seriously?! I wanna roll on the floor and laugh. 😆

P.S. I have since educated him on women and monthly menstrual cycles. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s got the concept of months/years down pat just yet.


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