Oh, what’s the point?!

The whole idea of going on a holiday – for relaxation, enjoyment, whatsoever rosy plans – seems to utterly defeat the purpose when I’ll still be doing the same shit (literally ok) while on holiday. So… what is the fucking point again??

For a change of scenery, you say? Does it even make a difference when I’ll still be staring at the final state of the food that the boys ate yesterday?

No, seriously. All this is not funny.

What I need and want is to be away from the children; to not have to do any of these mundane “mommy duties”. To not have to entertain the umpteenth time of “Mommy mommy” that doesn’t follow up with anything else; purely to get my attention for the fucking sake of it.

And what is the fucking point of having new shoes and pretty clothes that can fit me? I only spend about 6 hours out of this tiny apartment in a whole week – most of it split into 10-30 sessions just downstairs.

Oh God. I am so burnt out from all this.

To all working moms who wish they could stay at home with the kids: Come take a walk in these shoes. You’ll soon lose all sense of identity except for being Mommy.


2 thoughts on “Oh, what’s the point?!

  1. goodness .. u sounds just like me … i feel so sick and tired of all the endless mundane tasks that everyone thinks is easy and NORMAL … i feel so under-appreciated and I have really no clue as to who I am. I havent the desire to even paint my nails which i used to do every week …
    FYI .. I have a 3yr old nursery going son and a almost-two year old girl…… My hubby is away all week and comes in only for the weekend … So I m home alone all week..
    I cant sleep nights ..
    its getting to a point where I am getting angry with my kids and sometimes I feel so low I just cry…
    I think I might go see a doc to prescribe some relaxants for me ..
    Dont worry shelly .. u are a good mum and u are doing yr best for yr kids …
    seriously u are right… people who think we have easy lives wouldnt last a day being us…

  2. I salute all SAHMs! People who say SAHM is an easy job because they are not a mum. Any mum would have known how tough it is to be a SAHM. As much as I love to spend time with my kids, I don’t think I would want to become a SAHM, at least not now. I think I am definitely a better mum if I am working.

    It sounds like you seriously need a break! Send the kids to a childcare for a day or two for casual care (think most cc charges about $50 per day per child for casual care), if getting help from the granny or hubby is not a viable option?

    To be proud of yourself. Not all women are willing to sacrify to stay at home (me included). You are definitely a great woman/mum just for this fact.

    shell says:
    Thanks. 🙂 But sometimes that is the irony isn’t it? I am a SAHM who is supposedly “great” but then I feel a need to run away sometimes. *LOL*

    Yes, I seriously need a break. I am still waiting for one where I can go out longer than 4 hours without the boys, and not have to return to a baby nagging me about “WHERE WERE YOUR BOOBIES WHEN I WANTED MILK!!! THE MILK BOTTLE HAS NO BOOB SMELL!!”

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