Now everyone is crazy.

Joshua has turned into a talkative bugger who kinda won’t shut up – even when he’s sleeping, he sleep talks. :S

Today Keegan was blowing raspberries (as usual) when watching TV. Next moment, Josh yelled: “Mommy look! Keegan crazy!!”

Then Josh went to play cars (as usual). He placed all his cars on the dining table and played standing up. Quite tiring, if you ask me. So I told him to shift his barang to the floor, so he can share with didi and they can play together. 5 minutes later, Josh was back at the table with all his cars and Kee was crying.

“What happened? I thought I told you to play on the floor and share with didi?”
“Keegan bite car car. Wet wet. So dirty, got 口水!”


And then there’s this new thing that Josh has been saying every time Kee cries or whines: “Mommy, Keegan hungry want milk milk.”
“Uh… no? He’s just being whiney.”
“No! Keegan want milk milk! Mommy go give Keegan milk milk.”

In a bid to appease his constant nagging about how I should be feeding Kee, I have to shove my breast into Kee’s face so it can be rejected and I can retort my toddler: “See?! Didi don’t want milk!”

Today he retorted me back: “Keegan don’t want breastmilk. Keegan, you want packet milk? Packet milk nice nice.”

One of these days, it’s either I will laugh myself to death, or I will kenna high blood pressure and have a heart attack from his smartass-ness.


2 thoughts on “Now everyone is crazy.

  1. LOL he’s so funny.

    It’s true that it can be funny & irritating at the same time when they want to be in control of everything.

    shell says: They don’t call it the Terrible Twos for nothing! Now that we’re approaching the Threes… Oooooh a bit scared scared leh. LOL.

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