So I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Hubs said: “Next time when you need to go out to do your work stuff, I’ll bring to kids to mum’s or grandma’s so the boys have more room to run and play.”

MIL said (while seated on my living room floor like she always does): “Wah, really getting very cramped. The kids are bumping into one another. Really need to move to a bigger place.”

MIL also said, on another occasion, when we discussed about celebrating Joshua’s birthday: “It’ll be better if you guys bring the cake and come over to the shophouse. There’s more space. Your place can hardly hold just 3 of us.”

And every time we need to celebrate the boys’ full month parties and 1st birthdays, MIL always says: “Don’t even think about holding it in your own place. How to fit?! Cannot even fit 5 people here.”

FIL laughs and says: “Joshua run a bit then almost bang wall already!”

Yah thanks. As if I didn’t know it already. I’ve hated the lack of space from the first day I moved in.

People say home is where the heart is. It doesn’t need to be showroom quality nor design, it just needs to be comfortable. I totally agree.

But what if I told you feeling somewhat claustrophobic is not my idea of comfort? Could you blame me?

I’m not a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy petite charbor leh. I am big. Even after losing 10kg, wearing a size 10 and weighing in at only 65kg (the lightest I have ever been since I was 17), I still take up lots of space. I’m still not a size 0.

Sometimes I feel so cramped in this place, I can hardly breathe.

Besides the fact that I want a hundred pair of shoes, a thousand pieces of clothing, a full size piano, a full size working desk, and a gazillion other things that I have no space for… I just want a place where I can walk 3 steps without bumping into something or someone.

We went to MIL’s house for a BBQ on Saturday. There were easily 30 people from MIL’s side – her many siblings, their spouses and children. And there was still plenty of space for everyone. We had at least 15 people in just the backyard; cooking, eating, drinking and chatting. The rest were spread out through the rest of the 1st floor, playing mahjong, watching TV, the kids just fooling around.

That’s my idea of a comfortable home. Or at least, on more realistic terms, a 5-room flat would still be better than this. I just want a really big living room where I can invite guests over and not have everyone cramped all ways. For Joshua to be able to ride his plastic tricycle without “driving” over his brother’s hands.



7 thoughts on “So I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  1. i’m staying in a 2-room flat too…and i dun even have a baby yet and i’m already feeling claustrophobic!! mainly coz hubs brings back loads of junks, and after i clean one corner, some ‘stuffs’ will miraculously appear there AGAIN! i’ve given up tidying the flat!

    and i totally understand, that it’s not just ‘moving out’ (if it’s that easy!)…there’s always the financial aspect to consider, what more as a mother, you will next worry which school the kids should go to and bla bla bla….

    so yes, you’re not the only one who thinks so… *HUGS*

  2. Yeah, although people ask us to sell our flat and monetize it by downgrading to a 4-room flat (an equal 5-room will cost us a bomb), we decided we love the space too much to give it up.

    Moar space for meowmeows!

      • Ya I know… 😦 I won’t be able to tahan also. But I did used to stay at a 3-room flat with my mother and brother… so I understand THE PAIN!

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