She realised it too late.

Last week, out of the blue, the Mother-In-Law said: “Hey, maybe you guys should go apply for the new flats further down the road! I heard HDB is going to build new ones there. You should be able to get priority since you’ve never bought new flats before.”

Erm…… HELLO?!?! Priority is given to those who have never owned HDB homes before. Not because you never queue for new flats before means you get priority hor!!

She can still ask me: “It’s like that one arh?! So means you guys cannot get priority for flat buying anymore?!?!”


This means she totally had no fucking clue when she cornered us into buying this place; she had thought we could get priority in future. YOU THINK OUR GOVT WOULD BE SO NICE MEH?!

See?! When I give my opinion for the sake of my future happiness, you think I am farting har?! I said minimum 4-room, she told me “next time can slowly upgrade”. Wasted the first-time homeowners’ grant, wasted our priority queue, wasted the money to set up this place. Now she watches her two precious grandchildren tumble over each other all the time because they have no space to play (let alone run/crawl/jump), and she says she feel “heart pain”.

Seriously, I don’t know who is more pitiful here – me, her, or Hubs who is sandwiched between watching his mother regret her stubborn past decision, and his wife constantly feeling upset about the lack of space.

Next time, should any of you become mother-in-laws, please don’t be a bitch just because you don’t know your daughter-in-law well.

P.S. As if in an attempt to make up for her ill-informed decision from before, she got Auntie to cook up my favourite dishes. I appreciate it, but sorry, it’s not going to solve the lack of space for the 4 of us.

And no, I really don’t care if other people can squeeze 10 people or more in even smaller spaces. That is THEIR problem, not mine. If they can live happily with it, good for them.


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