Another one for the road.

So it’s been a while… You really don’t have to remind me. 😉

Here’s a collection of Joshua’s recent anecdotes to ease those mid-week blues:

Daddy: What do you want for dinner?
Josh: Curly fries?
Daddy: No curly fries.
Josh: Pig cutlet?

Usually he refers to it as Pork Cutlet, but after finding out that Pork is from Pigs… oh well.

Josh: Today birthday cake in school.
Mom: What cake was it?
Josh: Chocolate cake! Teacher say cannot dabao bring home.
*promptly pouts and shows sad face*
Josh: Mommy can buy chocolate cake?

Yes. He has finally developed a sweet tooth. *shudders*

Mom: Daddy’s going to work late today, so you have to eat dinner then go to bed ok?
Josh: Ok.
*pregnant pause*
Josh: Joshua sleep in Mommy’s room? Daddy working. Have space.

Reason for this? Usually he asks to bunk in with us, 99% he always gets “no” for an answer. Reason being that there’s “no space” in our bed because mommy and daddy are both so big. But since daddy’s working late… means got space lor!


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