Someone’s flushing and it ain’t me!

Sunday – 22nd August 2010 – is a day to be marked in our calendars. Joshua willingly attempted to pee in the toilet, and we have since put the potty into storage.

Needless to say, this also marks the end of his phobia towards toilets and the flushing sounds it makes.

It’s pretty funny how it started.

We went out on Saturday and came home to be greeted by the stench of stale pee. Not very appealing, I would say. Josh had gone for a pee in his potty before we went out – took its time to “ferment” during the five hours while we were out – and immediately unleashed its pungent-ness upon us when we got home.

Me being the very dramatic me, started cursing the darned potty and the puddle of pee in it while Josh watched my overreaction in great amusement.

In order to get him in on it, I asked him: “Do you like the smell? You think it smells nice?”

To which he promptly replied: “It is really very smelly. Smells bad. Very 臭臭.”

I saw an opportunity, and I took it.

“So, can you please go pee in the toilet next time, so you can flush it away? I don’t like this smell at all. It stinks up the whole house and now the whole house smells like a toilet.”

And Josh being the agreeable Josh, readily said: “Ok mommy. Next time pee inside toilet and flush. No more potty.”

When Sunday morning came and he needed to pee, he told Daddy: “Papa, I need to pee. Can go toilet together?” Daddy showed him how to lift the seat and seat cover, aim his pee, and then flush.

The next one he did it on his own. And the next one. And the next one. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now I just have to get used to hearing someone flushing the toilet when Hubs and I are both out here in the living room. For a moment there yesterday, I thought the toilet flush was broken!


One thought on “Someone’s flushing and it ain’t me!

  1. That’s great! No more potty and pouring/washing the stinky urine away 🙂

    shell says: I hate pouring away the stinky urine! And worse, cos my bathroom and toilet is separated, have to bring the potty to the toilet then can pour! So troublesome.

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