Starting Yes and No.

Diapered Keegan in Bumwear today in a bid to aid the healing of his diaper rash, and he was quite happily pottering around in them. Until I remembered how little I enjoyed washing poop out from them… So I told the baby: “Try not to poop in the Bumwear ok?”


Not the typical bob-your-head-up-and-down kinda nod, but a full body nod, with him bouncing up and down while seated and his head following along with the bouncing.

So I asked him something else: “Tell mommy if you poop ok? I’ll have to change you quickly before the poop flows out.”


And to test waters… I ask him if he wanted to take a nap now. (He had just woken up from one.)

He sat there staring at me poker-faced. Then he shook his head with a grim look on his face.

Yup. He certainly knows how to express “Yes” and “No”! :mrgreen:


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