Maybe I am biased after all…

Keegan is having his first serious breakout of diaper rash. And oh, how coincident that it happens just a week after he’s cut down breast milk feeds to once a day instead the previous three times a day!

Definitive causes for diaper rash:
– Kee’s habit of pooping at night after bedtime, possibly between 10-11pm.
– his unique signature of runny poop since the day he was born
– aforementioned runny poop flowing forward to the genital area because he always sleeps on his tummy

Possible causes for extra toxicity in poop:
– infection in right ear, as diagnosed on Monday
– vaccination received on Monday
– teething (?)
– replacement of 2 breast milk feeds to formula feeds. Currently only breastfeeding once a day to *ahem* clear my boobs and for him to be manja baby.

I had just woken him up at 1am to change him – he had pooped, just as expected – and OH MY GOD he has raw broken skin on his testicles and it was frickin BLEEDING. (Overreaction much, I hear Hubs saying. Since Joshua had suffered similar cases of severe diaper rash, but he didn’t see me freaking out like this.)

The poor baby flinched and screamed when I cleaned up him. 😦 But he calmed down very quickly after a hug and cajoling. (Yes, he is very manja… just like me.)

Since I’d given back much of my diaper rash knowledge, I did a massive Googling on it again. And this is my plan for the next few days:

  • Replacing wet wipes with moist cotton wool. (Already started doing this earlier today but I guess that wasn’t enough.)
  • Letting him sit in a tub of warm water mixed with baking soda.
  • Applying lanolin onto the affected area after thorough drying. (This is something entirely new, but it does seem to make sense considering that lanolin can heal cracked nipples, I don’t see what it can’t heal!)
  • Using Bumwear during his awake hours, instead of Pampers. (This always worked with Josh, which is why I friggin swear by Bumwear.)

Let’s see how this goes after a day or two. Before I freak out mightily and hear Hubs saying again that I’m biased and overreacting.


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