First fight in school.

On our way to buy mooncakes for post-dinner dessert, I asked Josh how was his day in school today.

He told me he got scolded – and tried to mimic what his teacher said – because he pushed someone in the eye. (Don’t ask me how you push someone in the eye, since I’ve never done it before and I didn’t see him doing it.)

Josh: Teacher say, cannot push people in their eye. 不可以推!不能碰!不要推小朋友!
Me: Who did you push?
Josh: Yi Ming lor. [Yi Ming is a girl in his class who is supposedly his best friend.]
Me: Why did you push Yi Ming?!
Josh: Yi Ming laugh at me. I kok my head in the toilet, and Yi Ming laugh at me. So I push in the eye.
Me: But why you push her in the eye?!
Josh: I dunno. Angry.
Me: Next time when you’re angry, count to three slowly. One…. Two… Three… Like that.
Josh: 老师 also say! One… Two… Three… like that. When I angry.

For some reason, I really like his form teacher. From what he shares with me about how she educates him, it seems like her stance on most behavioural issues are the same as mine. That’s at least some relief.


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