Why my laundry basket is always full…

The weather’s too warm, leading to a copious amount of sweating even if I was to just sit there and do nothing. The living room aircon doesn’t work, and a fan hardly does the job. And since I’m mostly at home, I get to shower and change whenever I feel a need to, leading to a significant amount of dirty laundry. I’ve tried to cut down the number of showers, but it just leads to me breaking out in heat rash. šŸ˜¦

It’s quite a sight actually ā€“ when everyone’s laundry basket is barely half full, but mine is always overflowing. (Everyone has their own laundry basket in this household.) But hey, I can’t help it that I usually wear 4 pieces of clothing when the boys need no more than 2 pieces and Hubs only does a max of 3. Hubs even “recycles” his jeans for a few days in a row, leading to a higher reduction in his laundry load.

Even in our most relaxed “lounge at home” states, I totter around with a minimum of 2 pieces ā€“ chemise and undies ā€“ when the boys can just run around in boxers only. But usually I’m in shorts, top, undies and a non-wired bra, so do the math.

It’s not my fault that I sweat easily, or that women require more clothing items to be considered “properly dressed”. After all, I still end up doing my own laundry. (Which I hate doing, might I add.)

Gah. I need a robot that can do my laundry and sort it all back into the wardrobe.


One thought on “Why my laundry basket is always full…

  1. I don’t mind the washing since it’s just about dumping everything into the machine.

    I dislike the hanging out to dry and folding after….

    shell says: Yes! That’s the part I hate too. Which is why my wardrobe is mostly hanging clothes instead of folding, but I still hate it!! There should be a robot to do this!!

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