“Project 1K”

Here’s the breakdown:

    ♥ To save up $1,000 in 5 months – just in time for my birthday / Valentine’s Day / wedding anniversary

Technically this seems fairly simple, considering it only takes $200 each month to save up $1,000 in 5 months. However, considering the paltry sum I earn from doing admin for a non-profit organisation, $200 is half my salary. Which means after deducting my own bills (necessities, bills, etc), I won’t be able to spend anything more than $50 on anything “unnecessary”.

This is highly difficult for a spendthrift like me, even if it means I could probably blow the $1000 on some mid-range luxury brand bag once I hit my target. I’m pretty short-sighted when it comes to stuff like that. Buying a $30 dress now sounds way more appealing than saving for 5 months to get myself a $1k bag.

    ♥ To lose 1000 grams (aka 1 kg) in 3 months – just in time for X’mas

Essentially not a difficult task, but considering how I don’t count calories and always give in to whatever I feel like eating… this may be another challenge.

Currently I’ve been maintaining at 67.5kg for the past month or so, and that 0.5kg is irking the hell out of me simply because it’s not a “nice round number”. So while technically I should lose either be losing 0.5kg or 1.5kg. I just decided to round it to 1kg for the heck of making it a 2-step “Project 1K”. I’ll deal with the other 500 grams later.

I’m going to start with basic cardio exercises on an alternate day basis, coupled with light weight training (1kg weights sponsored by Hubs) and core exercises to attempt at flattening out this jelly belly. Fingers crossed, since I’m not exactly known to keep up with my own goals. :p


2 thoughts on ““Project 1K”

  1. Don’t shop online for these 5 months or until you hit your $1k target, whichever is earlier. Wish you luck 🙂

    shell says: I haven’t shopped online for ages! My size has changed so whatever I ordered from online all don’t fit when they arrive. 😦 Thank you for the luck!

  2. Start a Mysavings account at POSB. I did not save a cent before I started that account. Because you don’t have an atm card, you will not touch the money. In no time, you will reach your target and then more! You can always close the account if you don’t wish to save anymore after your 1K project. =)

    shell says: We talked about this last time remember? MySavings account now has ATM card leh! If I want to put the money where I won’t touch it, I can just save it in the children’s account. Also no ATM card and no iBanking facilities (except to check account balance).

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