Kee ate plaster.

I brought Kee to the doctor’s on Friday to get his jab, and the doc did the usual and pasted a Spiderman Handsaplast on the sore area. Next morning, the plaster was GONE! He had been picking on it the whole night since we came back from the doc, but we didn’t actually think he would peel it off eventually.

The same blue and red plaster appeared in a mass of poop inside the diaper later on Saturday night.

I wanted to take a photo of it, but Hubs said the poop is damn gross – the sticky creamy type – so please spare my blogreaders the agony and don’t take picture lah.

This entry had to be noted down under “The Weirdest Things that came out in the kids’ poops”.


2 thoughts on “Kee ate plaster.

  1. but shelly, i want to see the plaster in the poop!

    shell says: Eh, too late lah. Probably already reached its final stop liao – INCINERATOR. (Or whatever it is they do to non-recyclable refuse.)

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