Feeling all ways of weird.

Following the EPIC massive FAILZ of an anniversary celebration, now Hubs has been slated to fly off for work from Sunday til Thursday. GAH! *tears hair and screams in helplessness* (The two events aren’t particularly related, but what the hell, no chance of a make-up celebration even.)

This will be the first time when Hubs and I – commonly coined as “we” – will be apart. Disgustingly, we had never spent more than 24 hours away from each other since we had met. (I think.) The details for the first few weeks are a tad blurry, I won’t deny. But if my memory serves me right (or wrong, for that matter) we started out by meeting up about thrice a week. Under the guise of hanging out with mutual acquaintances, “oh would you want to go Borders to see books together? oh yes I was just thinking of picking up some books” and other lame forms of I-want-to-see-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-say-it-out-loud.

Then it was just a hop-skip-zoom until ROM preparations were underway and we were seeing each other every (no longer) single day.

So hell yeah, I’m bloody freaked out that I’ll be left alone with the 2 boys while he’s jetsetting three Southeast Asian cities to prep marketing event locations. I wondering how many times I’ll have to hear “Where’s Daddy?” from Josh, and the constant muttering of “Papa papa papa” from Kee.

Fortunately Hubs will be gone on weekdays, which means Josh only has no more than 3 hours of awake time at home in the evenings before he concusses for bedtime. But… it’s just the idea that Hubs won’t be around that freaks me.

Generally we don’t even call or text each other much since Kee had settled into our lives. It’s just the usual “what do you want for dinner” and “can you pick up milk on your way back” kind of daytime communication, so it’s not like anything would change much. But the nights when the kids are in bed and we usually watch telly or talk about random stuff… How will I survive the four quiet nights alone?!

Ok, I might just lug one of the kids into bed with me so I won’t have to sleep alone. Hurhur. (Although Kee screams if Josh doesn’t go to bed together with him. So I’m all lost there now.)

I should be expecting to go shopping from Monday to Wednesday just to pretend that nothing’s different. Then Hubs will be back on Thursday morning.

Fingers crossed that I don’t make a long distance call and end up sobbing like the little girl I sometimes behave like.


2 thoughts on “Feeling all ways of weird.

  1. Oh you poor thing! You will somehow get through it. Ya, probably plan more things to do to make yourself busy. Or get your hub to bribe Josh that if mummy says he behaves well when daddy’s not around, you will get xxx. Luckily it’s only 4 nights, won’t be that bad, take it easy!

  2. Overseas work trips suck to the max. I dreaded each and every of CS’ work trip. I just made sure that there were different meal delivery numbers to call and chatted (online) with friends, when the kids slept.

    I hope Nash will remember to bring home some presents for you and the boys from his trip! =)

    shell says: Apparently he won’t have time for gift shopping, or so he says. 😦 And I hardly even keep my MSN on for the past couple of weeks cos I don’t have time and don’t feel particularly chatty either.

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