Sometimes I like to return the favor.

There are always occasions when Josh intentionally choose to irritate me by asking or saying the same thing repeatedly until I snap at him. So being the weird mom that I am, I decided to return the favor by doing the same to him.

We’ve recently been encouraging him to poop in the potty or toilet, instead of doing it in diapers and making us clean up his shit – literally, and not the most pleasant task in the world. So before bedtime that day, I asked him if he needed to poop, and this was the conversation that ensued:

Me: Do you need to poop?
Josh: No.
Me: Are you sure?
Josh: Yes.
Me: So if you poop in the diaper, I’ll make you eat your poop ok?
Josh: Nooooo!!!
Me: Well, if you lie I’ll make you eat your own poop.
Josh: I don’t want!
Me: You never know. It could be yummy! Do you think poop is yummy?
Josh: *with an air of indignance* No. It’s very smelly.
Me: Have you eaten poop before?
Josh: No.
Me: Then how do you know it’s not yummy? Maybe it’s very yummy?
Josh: No! It’s not yummy!
Me: How do you know? Why don’t you try the poop first? Maybe it’s really very yummy?
Josh: STOP IT AH! *rolls his eyes* IT’S NOT FUNNY OK?! Poop is NOT yummy!!

Needless to say, he didn’t try to irritate me with stupid questions the next day. 😆


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I like to return the favor.

  1. hahahaha I can still rmb his ‘angry’ face. He looks VERY cute when he rolls his eyes.

    shell says: Ya lah, I can’t deny it’s pretty cute. Especially when he snaps right into a grin after demonstrating his “angry face”.

    Anyway, he’s asking about you hor. He says you promised him cupcakes with peanut butter cream. Wahahaha. He’s like an elephant – he never forgets (particularly those relating to food or play).

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